Lionel Messi (足球員)

“My goal is to constantly be improving. Year after year you can grow as a player, just as in life. You can always learn something new. And sometimes in the moment you can reveal something in yourself.”

– Lionel Messi, Soccer Player

「我的目標是持續的進步,年覆一年身為球員的你會成長,就像在人生裡一樣,你永遠都可以學到新的東西,而有時候你會發現自己另一面。」- 利昂內爾·梅西 (足球員)

  • 利昂內爾·梅西 (1987- ) 為阿根廷足球頂尖球員,職業足球效力於西班牙明星隊伍巴塞隆納,橫掃多項賽事冠軍,包括 4 次歐洲冠軍聯賽冠軍,並獲得 5 屆金球獎和世界足球先生頭銜。


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