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Robert Collier (作家)

“Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blue print, and begin to build.”

— Robert Collier, Author

「想像你所想要的,看到它、感受它、想信它;在心裡畫一個藍圖,然後開始打造。」– 羅伯特.柯里爾 (作家)

  • visualize (v.) 形象化,使看得見。例:I’m trying to visualize what happened based on your description. (我試圖根據你的描述想像當時的情況。)
  • 羅伯特.柯里爾 (1885-1950) 是美國勵志及「新思想」運動 (New Thought movement) 的作者,其著作「世代的祕密」(The Secret of the Ages) 在其生前銷售超過 30 萬冊。

Terry Orlick (教練)

“The developing athletes who make the fastest progress and those who ultimately become their best make extensive use of mental imagery. They use it daily as a means of directing what will happen in training, and as a way of pre-experiencing their best competition performances.”

— Terry Orlick, Coach

「進步最快速及最終達到個人成就頂峰的運動員,他們都大規模的在心裡做想像。他們每天都做,藉以引導訓練的進行,並提前體驗他們最好的比賽表現。」– 泰瑞‧奧力克 (教練)

  • ultimately (adv.) 最終地,最後地。extensive (adj.) 大規模的,廣泛的。means of (n.) 方法。例:Airplane is currently the fastest means of transport we have. (飛機是目前最快的運輸工具。) mental (adj.) 內心的,心理的。imagery (n.) 影像,景像。例:the imagery in the story (故事中所描繪的景像)。
  • 泰瑞‧奧力克是加拿大籍的專業教練,訓練包括奧運選手、企業領導人、醫生、太空人、音樂家、演藝人員等,著重於內在的心理建設。同時他的服務也擴及至孩童、青少年及各年齡層,幫助學生實現更快樂及有意義的生活。